For more than two decades, CoAdvent has been committed to taking our clients’ missions to the next level. And once more, we are raising the bar with our Innovative Technology Delivery Models; offering our clients highly-skilled talent. We leverage the technology experts to deliver strategies for success at mitigated costs.

Our Innovative Technology Delivery Models ensure technology solutions for our clients through direct labor or in one of three customizable managed services: dedicated, shared, or hybrid. Our IT experts can plan, implement, and maintain all of your technology so to reduce your overheads and improve efficiency.

By combining the unique knowledge of our experts with our cutting-edge technologies and capabilities, we deliver value at any time, supported by the international presence, range of services, and insights. It also allows us to offer the service continuity and support your need to boost your business and take full advantage of industrial digitalization.

CoAdvent can help with:
  1. Business planning, Strategic Advice
  2. Systems Monitoring and Managed Services
  3. Proactive & Preventative Management
  4. Remote Access Support
  5. Backup & Disaster Recovery
  6. Asset Management


Software Engineering Solutions

Our Innovative Technology Delivery Models combine game-changing solution design, software, and both functional and performance testing automation for agile, expedited product delivery. We make the end-user experience our priority, ensuring they have instant access to their data.

We offer custom managed-service solutions that scale to meet the evolving needs of the government, and private sector. Along with extensive years of expertise, we leverage our workforce, technology, tools, and facilities to help our clients increase efficiency and drive value.

We deliver the software solutions that puts client needs first. Human-centered. Mission-focused. We understand building enterprise-scale products requires agility at every stage, not just development. That’s why we immerse ourselves fully in our clients’ domain, delivering value with a focus on collaboration, visibility, security, and speed. Our application services leverage the best of cutting-edge solutions from the private sector, tailored to the complex requirements of government.

CoAdvent works in an agile fast-paced, results-driven environment with strong problem solving, analytic, decision-making skills, taking ownership and delivering on commitment. CoAdvent's expertise varies from small to large sized complex projects by designing, developing code, programming, integrating, testing, verifying, and ensuring on-time delivery in:

  • Software Applications
  • e-Business Solutions
  • Mobile Applications
  • Website Development
  • Portal e-commerce
  • User end Applications
Hardware Engineering Solutions

CoAdvent provides the support of designing, and development of all electronics related hardware and to integrate the various devices for the functioning of the entire business system.

We offer these services for partial lifecycle product engineering and for full lifecycle solutions. We are ready to be your technology-services partner, delivering innovative hardware technologies geared for changing customer needs. Our domain-specific hardware design capabilities are built and refined over time and enriched with specialist partnerships.

Our comprehensive hardware & system engineering services can help build your products from the ground-up till the product-launch. We offer a complete portfolio of services ranging from concept, architecture design, product development, support, testing, and certification.

Infrastructure Engineering

CoAdvent ensures that the IT infrastructure is sufficiently robust, scalable, and efficient to deliver the integrated services underlying the physical environment that supports the processes, physical resources, and operators required for developing, integrating, operating, and sustaining IT applications and support services.

Physical resources include facilities, hardware, software, and tools. Operators include engineers, programmers, administrators, and help/service desk personnel.

Our Infrastructure engineering support objectives ensure that a reliable, consistent level of service is available to infrastructure customers and IT service consumers—both human and machine.

Cyber Security Services

We never stop protecting our clients’ networks and devices. Our experts work round the clock to monitor, detect, and resolve all security threats—with powerful tools that help us pinpoint indicators and artifacts to determine active-status and scope.

With proactive monitoring and regular testing, vulnerabilities are quickly and effectively resolved before problems occur. This gives you the peace of mind to focus on your business. And, because we’re regularly backing up all of your data, you’re safe in the case of natural or man-made physical disasters, too.

Custom-made cybersecurity packages from CoAdvent include:

  • Anti-malware software
  • Usage approval
  • Email protection
  • Identity recognition
Cloud Solutions

All our Innovative Technology Delivery Models come with powerful, end-to-end support and system management of their cloud environments, 24/7. From onboarding guidance to cost- and lifecycle care, we offer complete account management: providing our clients with the detailed billing reports, analyses, and services they need to maximize their cloud investments using AWS, VMware, Microsoft Azure, & Google Cloud.

Cloud Services give your business:

  • Rich Features & Functionality – No more waiting for hardware or firmware upgrades, with enhancements and improvements seamlessly and continuously incorporated into your systems
  • Rapid Deployment – Our capable team can get you on the cloud quickly
  • Instant Scalability – Rapid growth is never a problem with the highly scalable infrastructure that CoAdvent’s Cloud Solutions are built on.
    1. Mobility – Anytime, anywhere access, on any device
    2. Reliability and Security – Our Cloud Services are built on platforms with robust, layered security, and are paired with around-the-clock monitoring
    3. Lower Total Cost of Ownership – Eliminate capital expenditures on costly servers, software licensing, maintenance, and system administration.
    4. Anti-malware software
    5. Usage approval
    6. Email protection
    7. Identity recognition
Talent Management

CoAdvent boasts of its professionals well qualified, trained and experienced, to help move your business to greater accomplishments. Our business consulting model delivers value for clients. Our experts bring industry and technology knowledge to every engagement, helping clients achieve business recognition, innovative technologies, and financial success.

Our team-focused consultants are trained to support your client’s projects as Team Leader, Project Manager, and as Team Member in order to maximize the team’s impact and success.

  • To be on the right path to organizational success, you must first have the right people.
  • To be on the right path to organizational success, we help you find the right people
  • Provide the best management consulting strategies, and IT/ HR operational support to accelerate performance, ultimately leading to better business outcomes.
Management Consulting

Our history dates back to when we first started doing business two decades ago, but our experience goes beyond as practitioners/senior leaders. As experienced consultants and business owners, we understand the significance how hiring and training the right people can greatly affect your organizational success. The leaders and employees are the powerhouse of an organization. Without a high-performing team, even the most robust and calculated strategies can fail.

How We Can Help

Our management consultants utilize individualized assessments to work one-on-one with your business leaders to create a custom Business plan designed to increase performance. CoAdvent’s management coaching for your company’s executives will enhance overall business performance.

Our experience with DuPont, L3-COM, HP Engineering Services, MCI WorldCom, Federal Contracts and NGOs are a great asset to our management consultants who take proven tactics from each industry and apply it to the others. Following the old saying, "sees the forest for the trees", and we can pinpoint the weak trees and the strong ones, for providing a fruitful result.



Our Talents, Skills, Connections, and Personal/Professional Experience has enabled us to use them in providing Protection, Provision, Providence to the less privileged.

We have excelled in the last 12 years rendering the following services to meet the many personal and commercial needs of ethnic & hardworking individuals and small/startup businesses, at a very reasonable cost. We charge only per job and not per consultation, which allows you them to receive guidance, options, methods, experience, and representation. The benefits of our services are: reasonable fee, personal follow up, and on-going guidance till the task is completed or a satisfactory outcome is achieved.

  • Immigration – Work Visa, Family visa, Green card, Citizenship, and replying to Queries in any of these processes.
  • Employment – Resume Writing, Interview Prep, Evaluating skills, Job Search
  • Training – Information Technology, Academic Tuitions, Music, English
  • Finances – Budget, credit, debts, First time Home/Car purchase, Saving options
  • Life Coaching – Singles, Pre-Marital, Couples, Families, Teens/ Adolescents
  • Career Counseling – Higher Education local/Overseas, Vocational Training, Finances
  • Tours – Highly safe & Secured Family and Group Travel local and International
  • Event Planning – Small, and Medium sized gatherings, family and corporate occasions.
  • Business Consulting – Set up, Revive, Expand, and Resolve
  • Celebrate Recovery – Break from Habits, Addictions, and Reform

Major portion of the Fee received is distributed to the charities that CoAdvent is engaged in.For Highlights of our charities,
please Click here Giving Back